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Updated: 4 Dec 2005

The classic SETI@home process that wmseti and wmufo are used to monitor is now dead and have been replaced by a SETI@home BOINC client. Until such time as I am able to update the dock apps to monitor BOINC, only wmufo is useful as eye candy.

Wmseti : Info Wmseti : Info Two Wmseti : Alien Face Wmseti : Alien Face Two


For monitoring and the control of upto 10 SETI@home processes.
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Updated: 27 Feb 2003

For monitoring and the control of upto 10 SETI@home processes. It can display various statistics and can pause/continue or kill/run the program. It can be compiled with or without graphics showing alien faces coming out of the shadows as the workunit progresses, with a progress bar that is green for running, yellow for paused, and red when not running.

Statistics for display are;

Controls available;

Wmufo : Frame Animation Wmufo : Frame Animation 2


Extra eye candy included.
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Updated: 4 Dec 2005

This is wmseti on steroids! This application contains the same statistic display as wmseti but with animation instead of alien faces. Imagine the above snapshots with a flowing starfield, a spinning saucer UFO and various alpha blended glowing ball UFOs travelling back and forth across the window.

The sprite routine is developed from wmfishtime which is a dock app with swimming fish, an anti-aliased analog clock, and alpha blended bubbles. While providing fluid animation the routine does not use up cpu time - less than other dock apps using the wmgeneral library. More is less!

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The author who originally created wmseti was Paul Lemmons. It is currently maintained by Alan Swanson and Dan Scott.

For another SETI@Home dock app monitor see wmsetimon, and check Freshmeat for other programs.

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